Helping Kids Learn to Speak French

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Are you or your child studying and trying to learn French? 

The Kids Speak French series helps you do just that!


There are lots of vocabulary books and story books out there, but how can you start putting those words together? 

How can we start to say things?

Watch the video below to hear more about Amber’s experience and what the program is all about!  

The books are available on amazon or you can buy the digital version below.


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French Courses for Kids

French Basics for Kids

Learn the basics of French so you are ready for Course 1 and to speak and say things! Learn more by clicking here!

French Course 1- Être, Avoir, Aller

Learn how to put words together to form descriptions, talk about things around you and start speaking in French!

French Course 2 -

Continue improving your speaking abilities by learning how to use the verbs Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir, Faire and Aimer. Once you have these down, you will be able to say a lot of things!

Volumes 1 and 2 are written in a question and answer format using both positive and negative answers as well as all the different possibilities of people and pronouns asking and answering those questions.  This way  learning the correct conjugations becomes easier for kids.  It is also more fun because they can start to make their own sentences pretty easily early on and with limited knowledge.  

The order of the sentences is presented in a logical format so the kids can see how the verbs change according to the subject of the sentence without you having to go into a ton of grammar.  For example,  suis, ai, and vais always follow je in the sentences written in the first person — es, as and vas always follow tu in the 2nd person familiar form etc.  To respond with the answer “no” – there is always a ne +  verb + pas. They will also start to recognize that some nouns are masculine, feminine, singular and plural with certain articles and endings.  

The vocabulary is simple so that the words can be easily swapped to make different sentences.  Check your progress with exercises at the end of each section with answers included.  Your kids will be so proud of themselves, and encouraged to keep up their studies!

Be proud of your kids as they start to saying lots of different things in French!  Use these book in combination with a kids vocabulary picture book and you will be able to start talking about all sorts of things together!

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