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Consistency is Key in Language Learning

Consistency is Key in Language Learning

Learning a new language can be a daunting task.  It’s fun at first and then becomes frustrating as progress seems slow especially for the amount of effort that goes into it.  It’s important to just keep at it.  For some people, they will go months and months with no comprehension and one day they will experience a click and finally be able to use all the words and phrases they’ve learned and studied.  For others it is a slow gradual progression.  But you have to think about how far you have come since you first started. 

I remember feeling frustrated with my progress in French because it felt so slow, and it has been slower than I had hoped- but I gained courage and motivation to continue every time I realized how much more I knew than I had before.  I knew what the store people were saying, I knew when they opened a new line and I knew that Bonne journée means Good day!  Focus on the progress to keep from getting discouraged and just keep at it- surround yourself with videos, audio, books, podcasts and online teaching aides and it will come!!  It is possible- you can do it! 

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