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Joyeux Noël Printables – Banner and Letter Page

Joyeux Noël Printables – Banner and Letter Page

It is fun to incorporate French into your Christmas celebrations. Christmas is an important holiday in France. Many of the Christmas traditions we observe in the United States come from Europe including France, so they do the Christmas tree, presents, Santa Claus, and of course delicious meals. Chocolate advent calendars are very popular as well as Christmas markets. Lights decorate every village and most also have a Christmas tree that is lit and decorated.

They will also celebrate the 3 kings coming to visit the Christ child on January 6. They sell the famous “gallette des rois” (cake of the kings) all through December and January.

So add some “Joyeux Noël” to your Christmas decorations this year with these printables. They are simple and quick to do and your kids will remember how to say Merry Christmas in French!

Here’s the banner- we put ours on our stair railing and my son added the exclamation point:

Here’s the downloadable file:

Here is a picture of the Joyeux Noël sign:

Here’s the file to download as a pdf:

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