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Recent Graphics for French Learning for Kids

Recent Graphics for French Learning for Kids

I’ve been posting jokes (blagues), poems ( poémes), quotes (citations), and other things on my social media accounts the last little while, and I realized it might be of benefit to post them here on the blog also!

We also found out that it is possible to change the language on Disney + to French! Watching TV in French is such a great way to really improve you understanding of French, and my kids are enjoying watching shows other than French Fairy tales on YouTube!

Here are the images I’ve posted recently on socials with translations below:

What is the word that has just one letter? An envelope!

What is it that can be in the seat and in the sky? Answer: A Star!

In the night of winter
A big snowman gallops
It’s a snowman
with a wooden pipe
preceded by the cold
he comes to a village
and seeing a light
This is it! he is reassured 
In a small house
he enters without knocking
he sits on the red pot
and almost instantly disappears
nothing is left except his pipe in the middle of a puddle
nothing is left except his pipe
and then his old hat

I think, therefore, I am.

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