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Vocabulaire du printemps – Vocabulary for Spring!

Vocabulaire du printemps – Vocabulary for Spring!

Here is a list of vocabulary words to use when talking about Spring! Notice that the seasons are not capitalized in French. Anyway, this is really great because you can help your child practice descriptions.

Talk about the picture by having them say things like:

Il y a des fleurs et des arbres.. There are trees and flowers.

Il y a un garçon. There is a boy.

Il y a un papillon. There is a butterfly.

And ask them the question : Qu’est-ce que c’est? What is this?

They can respond with:

C’est un oiseau. This is a bird.

C’est une grenouille. This is a frog. ( I know it’s not the best picture, use your imagination, 🙂 )

C’est un étang. This is a pond.

Ce sont des arbres. These are trees.

Ce sont des feuilles. These are leaves.

Ce sont des branches. These are branches.

Les arbres sont vertes. The trees are green.

Here is the picture:

Here are the vocabulary words:

des bébés animaux- baby animals

les fleurs- blossoms

le papillon – butterfly

la naissance – the birth

le poussin- chick

l’oiseau- bird

les Pâques – Easter

les œufs – eggs

les fleurs – flowers

l’herbe – grass

le nid – nest

les graines- seeds

le panier– basket

l’étang – pond

la grenouille – frog

le têtard – tadpole

le canard – duck

les canetons – ducklings

le buisson – bush

l’arbre – tree

les feuilles – leaves

les branches – branches

le jardin – garden

la flaque d’eau – puddle

la boue – mud

Here is the download of the page in case you want to view it in pdf or print:

Happy Learning! Bonne chance!

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