Helping Kids Learn to Speak French

The Kids Speak French books were created to help kids be able to start putting simple sentences and phrases together so they can start saying things in French with confidence.

My family and I moved to France and found that learning French was not easy.  Some of my kids learned French more easily than others of my kids depending on their teachers and abilities.  The younger ones developed perfect accents but were still hesitant to say things because they knew it wouldn’t sound right.  Also when we would ask people how to say things, we wouldn’t get a straight answer.

So I decided to put some simple phrases together.  If we could just say a few simple things we would be able to start to put words and sentences together and be able to speak.  Sometimes the simplest things are the most useful.

The first volume of the series will help you and your children be able to talk a little bit about themselves, ask questions, be able to express no, and places they would like to go and things they would like to have.  The present tense is used quite extensively in conversational French.

The second volume will help you and your kids talk about the weather, things they can and should do and things they like and can do.

The 3rd volume will help you and your kids talk about the future and the past using the futur proche and the passé composé.

This is a great start on your conversational French.

More books will be produced, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and .

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Happy French Learning!



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