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Learn how to put words you know into sentences. By learning how to use the “to be”, “to have” and “to go” verbs in French, you will be able to say a lot of things.  In conjunction with learning these verbs you will also learn vocabulary for family and family relationships.  You will be able to describe things using these verbs and talk about characteristics that people and things have with the avoir verb.  You will also be able to talk about where people and things are and where they may go using the aller/to go verb.

Each section also begins with a question, with both positive and negative answers.  This way, you will actually be able to converse because you know how to ask and answer questions.

In regular conversational speech, the French use the simple present tense much more commonly than we use it in English.  In English we will say- “I am going to the store.”  But in French we say  “Je vais au magasin.” which is literally “I go to the store.” but is used the same way and means the same things as “I am going to the store.”  So with just this little bit of knowledge, your kids will be able to converse and respond to French speakers in a way they will understand.

This course basically goes through the Kids Speak French Vol. 1 book with Amber reading the book and explaining different aspects of the sentences.  The course includes the digital copy of the Kids Speak French Volume 1 book.

You can preview the first lesson for free.


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