Helping Kids Learn to Speak French

Lesson #1 Être – to be

Learn how to say things like:

I am a girl.  I am a boy.  I am nice.  I am here.  You are a man. You are people. She is a woman.  She is a girl. They are a family.  She is there.  They are there.  I am not a boy.  I am not a sister.  Also how to ask Who is this?  Who is he? And answering the questions both in the positive and negative.

The video is about 13 minutes long, but introduces a lot of information.  So feel free to print off pages of the book for review and practice saying the phrases until they become fluid and natural. Rewatch parts, feel free to pause to practice and learn.  A more involved course with practice is coming, but not everyone needs that.  This course gives you all the info you need to start communicating.  The rest is just practice!


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